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A Functional Art Piece

What we do

Pipes, Custom Builds, & More


We use good quality briar wood from Mediterranean countries with proper treatment and drying process. Our Plateau and ebauchon briar blocks are carefully hand selected with nice grain patterns.

Refurbish & Repairs

Every loved pipe has it’s story to share. Restoring your old/broken pipe into it’s functional condition is always our pleasure. Do drop us a comment to share your experience.


Through our years of customization, we have designed the Hand pipe (medium or larger), the mouth pipe (Light) to possess the charm of a special gift for yourself or someone special. Test sketches and colour practices would take place. Read more for more information.

From the origin

Design pipe shapes and line on selected briar block to begin the journey of the making process.  Balancing the pipe Chamber size, depth, airflow system, application and weight is the origin of a quality pipe.   

How it's Made

36 Cuts with 36 studies to craft a smooth and balanced pipe.

Line of elegance is the language of making a Johnsson Pipe. 

Taking it's Shape

Taking it’s shape is a phase we called “a dream to be true”


The Final Touch

Stain and buff with carnauba wax, and it’s a dream come true.

Keep calm and smoke your pipe – Joseph Stalin

We are experienced

We Have Over 16 Years of Experience in The Industry

we OEM for branded pipes, freehand pipes, custom orders, collectors pieces and commemorate important events with our pipes.

About us

Providing the Highest Quality Pipes & Services In the Area

Johnsson OSL has been crafting pipes since  2004. He was trained in Italy by pipe master Bertram Safferling in 2007. He has crafted hundreds of pipes to date. The vast collection of his work, can be viewed by fans worldwide at link He is a member of the Malaysian Handicraft Corporation and has regularly participated in exhibitions in many countries including Germany, United Kingdom, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

High Quality, Ethically Sourced Materials

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Honest Prices

I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgement in all human affairs – Albert Einstain

A pipe gives a wise man time to think and a fool something to stick in his mouth – Trischmann’s Paradox

Two of my favorite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp and playing my harmonica – Abraham Lincoln

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